About Green Gold Agri Seeds


We are the marketing company dealing all types of top quality seeds in the market. We are serving the farmers since 1960. The Green Gold Agri Seeds in present supplying the world's best quality seeds according to the needs of farmers. All the seeds tested under the different climatic conditions of all parts of Pakistan.

Breeding excellence

BreedingGreen Gold Agri Seeds was envisioned by Mr. Gulzar Ahmed Ch, and was initiated in the year 1999

in Dist. Faisal Abad, Punjab, Pakistan. Green Gold Agri Seeds has made rapid advances from

seed production and supply ventures to a commendable position in Research and Development

(R&D) because of the remarkable service of Mr. Gulzar Ahmed Ch., renowned for his extra long

staple superfine cotton variety H-151 and the popular Long Staple variety H-115.

Having excelled in the Research and Development in cotton seeds, it went on to expand into a

multi-crop, multi-location quality research movement and has proved beneficial to the farming

community. Our statistics alone stands witness to our quality and success where our R&D product coverage alone measures

an impressive figure of over 10 million acres in the past decade.