Am I using the right spray NOZZLE?

Posted By: Iram Saleem

All the answers of questions i.e. Why my pesticide is not reaching to the target? Why the pest population is not reducing even after spray? are based on a single “NOZZLE” Nozzle: Nozzle is a major factor in determining the amount of spray applied to an area, the uniformity of application, the coverage obtained on the target surface, and the amount of potential drift. To avoid pest and diseases effectively and on right time there is the need to understand the working principle of this minute object and to choose the right type of nozzle Working Principle: Nozzles break the liquid into droplets, form the spray pattern, and propel the droplets in the proper direction. Types of Nozzle: 1. Nozzle used to apply insecticides or fungicides: Hollow-cone nozzles are used to apply insecticides or fungicides to field crops when foliage penetration and complete coverage of the leaf surface is required. Regular flat-fan nozzles are used for most broadcast spraying of herbicides and for certain insecticides when foliar penetration and coverage are not required. These nozzles produce a flat oval spray pattern with tapered edges. 2. Nozzle used to apply weedicide: T-jet type of nozzle is used for spraying a weedicide.